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    MJ328DC type Bandsaw electric sports car

    1, Applications and Features
    The equipment is mainly assorted for general table woodworking band sawing machine. Their combination not only can saw plates and lumbers, but also can be used for longitudinally cutting logs of the max diameter of 500 mm and max length of 4,000 mm into plates and lumbers of various specifications according to designed parameters.
    The machine tool, of the combined type, is matched with general table woodworking band sawing machine. It has these characteristics: The used band sawing machine is generally of the high-speed type, featuring enough rigidity, simple operation, and convenient, safe and reliable adjustment. It is the manually-controlled on-board electric carriage for woodworking band sawing machine, and its forward and backward speed can be realized by controlling the loading force according to sawed wood materials and diameters. The block pale and undercarriage are equipped with footage pointers and dividing rulers, achieving the controllable footage size and good effects. So the lumber quality and material are ensured, the utilization rate of lumber, improved and energy, greatly saved. The manual wood clamping on the carriage makes the carriage and the band sawing machine integrated and realizes simple operation and convenient maintenance.
    Therefore, the machine tool is suitable for wood making of middle and small wood processing factories and workshops, especially of rural and individual factories.

    2, Main Specifications and Technical Parameters

    The maximum length of wood
    serial number
    parameter values
    sports card wood diameter 500 mm
    sports card 4000 mm
    maximum computing speed sports car forward 68 m / min
    maximum computing speed sports car back 128 m / min
    sports facilities moving motor power 4.0 kW
    sports car track length 12000 mm
    largest car dimensions 4000 × 1160 × 1350 mm
    Machine Weight (about) 2650 kg